We value our volunteers

Perhaps you are a little hesitant and worried that volunteers only do the work. However, we believe that volunteers can truly add value to our work, and we value you too.

We equip our volunteers to help them help others more effectively, through on-the job training and mentoring. In-house seminars and workshops catered for our volunteers. However, we go beyond the doing. Volunteerism is about learning too! We lead volunteers to discover their strengths, personalities and foster communication and relationships through volunteerism.

What’s in it for me? / Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering will cost you time and energy, no doubt, but do consider the benefits as well. Some of these benefits have been scientifically proven to be true!

Volunteering allows you to…

  • do something useful and rewarding with spare time
  • do something totally different and challenging
  • enhance your CV / resume and job prospects
  • put something back into the community
  • develop personal skills and build confidence
  • reap health benefits, including a lower chance of getting depression
  • meet new people
  • and DISCOVER your unique self!

How can I help?

Express your interest to us in volunteering, and let us know your experiences in volunteering and what would you like to involve yourself in.

Interested to volunteer?

To find out more on avenues to volunteer, call us at 6494 2780 or drop us an email at wadclub@harvestcare.org.sg

W.A.D! Club looks forward to providing an avenue for those who have the passion and interest in giving back to the society.

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