Amazing Family Quest 2014

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Amazing Family Quest 2014 (High)

What is Amazing family quest?

This quest offers you exciting opportunities to bond with your family and get to know each other better. Each family will journey through a series of challenge in this quest, putting to test the ability of each family to work together as a team. Discover how your family makes a wonderful team through the quest. Registration deadline is 24 May 2014 or when all slots are taken up.


  1. All fields are mandatory.
  2. Email the completed Official Registration Form (PAGE 2) to us via email: or walk in to Harvest Care Centre.
  3. Team registration is considered complete only upon payment of registration fees and each participant’s Personal Particular Form (PAGE 3).
  4. Payment of $40 must be made upon submission of this registration for a team of 3 participants. For every additional participant, additional $5 is necessary.

Download Official Registration Form

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