Be a W.A.D! Coach


W.A.D! Club organizes numerous activities throughout the year whereby volunteers who has a strong passion to work with youths can be a part of. As part of the W.A.D! Coach Team, they can develop skills like communication, leadership and facilitation and gain practical experience in working with youths.

Their role as W.A.D! Coach is one of high significance, setting themselves as a role model that youths will look up to and playing the instrumental role as a facilitator to enhance the learning of youths.


  1.  You receive mentoring and guidance to be a young change maker of lives.
  2. You receive opportunity to be equipped with skills that stay with you a life time (eg. Leadership and facilitation skill).
  3. You receive guidance in event management.
  4. Last but not least, “why not?” as long as you have the heart.



During outdoor or indoor activities, W.A.D! Coach assist and support the program by facilitating activities, discussion and reflection to empower the learning of participants. You also provide logistical assistance for the program.



  1. 17 years old and above
  2.  Keen to work with people
  3. Has the desire to make a positive impact in youths
  4. Have experience in leadership position (eg. School leader, sport leader, class monitor, etc…)
  5. Able to speak comfortably before a crowd


And then?

  1.  Attend training session on 29 March, 10 – 1pm / Meeting quarterly
  2. Attend meeting regards to project that coaches has committed to  

 Registration closes on 15 Feb 2014.

You can read more about our programmes from here. Sign up by filling up this registration form and send it to

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