Pool Introductory Clinic

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Who is this for?

  • Youths aged 13 – 24 years old (Especially secondary school student)
  • Has little knowledge about pool but has an interest in picking it up
  • Knows a bit about pool, has been a causal player and wants to develop further 

 WAD we learn?

  • the equipment involves
  • right stance / holding of cue
  • bridging methods
  • shooting a ball straight
  • potting a numbered ball
  • breaking a 8-ball rack
  • game play

 Fee inclusive of:

  • Learning material
  • Half to one hour of free play

Registration closes when the slots are filled. Only 10 slots available. Send in your registration form to wadclub@gmail.com and make your way down to our centre to make your payment. Contact us @ 6494 2798 for any enquiry.

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